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Brace yourself - all schools closed in NI tomorrow [shock]

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BelfastLocalEditor Sun 15-Oct-17 23:29:53

Daughter just came in excited and told me her school was closed tomorrow due to storm Ophelia (or is a hurricane ?)
I checked on the Belfast Telly website and it appears to be true.
I should have done a link thing but it might be wise to check your school website.
Also travel may be affected.
If anyone has any extra info do please post as I was happily napping until DD gave me the news.

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 16-Oct-17 01:29:58

I got a text from DS's school. It said that DENI had advised them to close. DS is going to be well pleased in the morning.

moreCyclingMoreCake Mon 16-Oct-17 06:30:10

Looks like all schools and unis are closed!

Not sure about nursery schools though as the reason they're closing is that the storm will hit at home time and nursery schools will be out before then. Guess I'll have to ring and find out in a while.

BelfastLocalEditor Mon 16-Oct-17 07:10:46

Ah, the kids that wake up this morning expecting to go to school will have a lovely surprise. I hope parents manage to find last minute childcare if necessary but since it's a national thing, hopefully employers will be sympathetic ?

It was DD who told me, what with her network of social media sleuths who never cease to amaze me with their knowledge - (non homework related).
All calm outside except for the usual shitty rain.

moreCyclingMoreCake Mon 16-Oct-17 07:14:02

Hopefully. I reckon govt / civil service will probably send non essential people home early today to ease congestion at rush hour but just a hunch...

ArieltheMermaid1720 Mon 16-Oct-17 07:17:03

I got a text yesterday from my work advising people to work from home tomorrow where possible. Very glad I don’t have to go outside in that rain!

BelfastLocalEditor Mon 16-Oct-17 16:59:42

Just got a text from school - kids off again tomorrow (Tuesday) oh ye gods gin the only thing keeping me going today was the thought of normality returning tomorrow wine which it obviously won't.
Stay safe everyone

ParanoidBeryl Mon 16-Oct-17 19:47:34

It seems to have gone quiet for now. Haven't heard much in the way of wind for at least the last hour. Fingers crossed.

BelfastLocalEditor Mon 16-Oct-17 20:18:40

Yep, very quiet here too - a bit of wind but it sounds worse than it is. The only thing that's weird is all the shops being closed and the lack of cars. I don't want to tempt fate incase it goes mental later ! Indoors and all warm which is lovely smile

SWtobe Mon 16-Oct-17 20:20:06

I’m from lisburn. Just send something there saying the centre was passing over but that’s not the worst part.

Once the centre passes it’s the outer parts that cause damage so probably throughout the night really

SWtobe Mon 16-Oct-17 20:21:08

Also me and dp ventured out quickly and found a garage open for wine 🍷.

Incase of a power cut of course wink

BelfastSmile Mon 16-Oct-17 20:22:26

I'm in East Belfast, and it hasn't been bad here at all. DH is a teacher, and it's been nice having him off today, and even better getting another day tomorrow.

SWtobe Mon 16-Oct-17 20:24:44

Same here belfast smile, I’m at university and dp is a teacher so we have had a nice relaxing day.

My dd playhouse nearly blew away but I flew out and tied it up quickly with the washing line for now

BelfastLocalEditor Tue 17-Oct-17 06:54:57

So glad wine shop was located smile @SWtobe
All appears quiet outside this morning, quite windy and the airplanes sound like their going off as usual.
It feels like half term has started shockingly early shock

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