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GCSE Spanish tutor

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buzzie Sun 15-Oct-17 15:12:36

Anyone able to recommend GCSE Spanish tutor. Must be able to do Sat /Sun. We are In Radyr

helsinkihelen Tue 17-Oct-17 22:34:37

OP, you really sound like you don't like your sister very much, and it sounds like she's not very nice. So why do you actually want her there? If she's really all the things you say she is, I think you'd have a much nicer day without her there. And it sounds like you have had a really rough ride lately so you absolutely deserve to be surrounded by love. Would it not be better to just ring or email her and say it sounds like it's all a lot of hassle for her so why not send her some cake in the post and save her the trip. It sounds like you want her there more for the principle of her being there than her actual presence. And if she is the way you say she is - she will just piss you off on the day. Seriously. Think about why you actually want her there and whether you would have a better day without her. Fwiw, jeans or arriving late wouldn't bother me if I really wanted them there. X

mumeeee Mon 30-Oct-17 16:00:09

What has the last post got to do with a Spanish tutor?

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