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Recommend a Good Hairdresser Please?

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Cello4 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:52:11

Hello ladies,

I would like to shorten my long hair and re-style. Very nervous of having this done. (I'm a 'mature' lady, not been to a Hairdresser for a long time).

Would someone recommend a Hairdresser, perhaps a Mobile one, that visits at home or I could visit, or a salon. But someone who is really good at a cut and style, and who listens and understands what the client is asking?

Ideally in Woking area. Really keen to do this before I nervously change my mind!

Thank you for reading,

PurpleWithRed Sun 15-Oct-17 23:00:38

I can heartily recommend my own hairdresser - he comes to my home and cuts my hair beautifully; he now does my daughter and my friend too. He is an excellent listener, really sensible and nice, and cuts beautifully. I don’t know if he’d come to Woking but if you send me a private message I will pass on his phone number. He also puts my own hair dye on for me properly.

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