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Relocation to Looe area

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Trixy25515 Sat 14-Oct-17 19:23:33

Hello, I hoping someone can help... we are seriously considering relocating to Looe. My husband and I have two children aged 7 - 10. Our only concern is how easy is it to get involved with community life? meet new people? and is there groups etc the children can join? any info would be a help!

allotmentgirl82 Wed 25-Oct-17 18:20:01

I live near to Looe in Liskeard.
Looe is a nice place to live with plenty for children to join in with in the Summer months. In Winter things tend to die down a bit, although there are activities/clubs on at the Millpool Centre in the main car park.
Looe is a place where you definitely need to own a car. The public transport is shocking- never on time and finishes at an early hour. There is a train to Liskeard, and you can then connect to mainline trains.
I've found the people in Looe to be friendly and helpful.
During the Summer months it is very busy with tourists, although we usually go to Millendreath or Talland beaches which a further along the coast and not well known.

DeadDoorpost Thu 26-Oct-17 00:37:16

You'll get to know a lot of the people in Looe as your children are school age and we found as we grew up in Looe that everyone knows everyone pretty quickly. I loved the Primary School while I was there but not sure how much it's changed since I moved up to secondary school back in 2005 (flipping heck I feel old now...)
I agree with above: Looe gets busy during the summer so visiting other lesser known beaches is a good idea. And a car is absolutely useful. Honestly. Especially in the summer with tourists as public transport gets delayed quite a lot.

cornishdream Sat 07-Apr-18 02:34:48

Hello, just wondering how you got on relocating? I'm moving to Looe next month from "up country" and would love to know how you've found the whole process? My son is 5 so hoping he'll settle well smile x

Trixy25515 Tue 10-Apr-18 22:09:24

Hello Cornish dream we are still trying research best place to live 😏 we really love looe but due to work commute we are thinking of launceston area now . I wish you luck with your move 🙂👍 I love looe

Elliesweet2000 Sat 25-Jan-20 10:50:46

Hi @cornishdream, just came across this thread. Wondered if you did relocate to Looe and how you’re getting on. We moved here two weeks ago. Your son would be the same age as my daughter and thought they might be at the same school smile

cornishdream Sat 25-Jan-20 21:43:17

Hi lovely @Elliesweet2000, we did make the move and it’s been the best thing we’ve done! My son attends the school I teach at which isn’t immediately local. Have you joined the ‘New to Looe’ group on Facebook? Lots of meet ups for us Looebies! Suzanne x

Elliesweet2000 Sun 26-Jan-20 00:59:14

Oh wow you teach. That’s great! Yes I have, I’ve joined a few and going to a fish and chip meet in a few weeks smile. Do you go to many ? it’s so lovely here but very much looking forward to the summer. Probably the worst months to move down here lol x

cornishdream Sun 26-Jan-20 10:23:22

Ahh brill, I’m going to try to make it for that one too. Yeah I went to curry night and try to go to as many as I can at weekends etc.
The weather has been so grim hasn’t it. Easter is my absolute favourite time as it’s usually lovely weather and still fairly quiet! Not long to go smile x

Elliesweet2000 Sun 26-Jan-20 20:11:46

Aw great! Such a small world to find this thread and then you might be at the same event! smile it’s so lovely and we’re enjoying it but will be nice to meet some people lol. Did you have any family or friends already here? Everyone thought we were crazy moving here without knowing anyone! Lol x

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