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Carshalton High School Admissions

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SunnyS76 Sat 14-Oct-17 19:09:39

Hello, has anyone got experience with the scholarship places in Carshalton High School for girls? My daughter did the Sports test and we got an email that she reached the test pass mark. But there is no information what mark she got, or how many girls passed. There are 24 places in total for Music and Sports scholarships, but there may be 50 or more girls that have passed, I have no idea. Only the top 24 scores of those who passed will get a place but how do we find out where she stands in the ranking? And wil they be mixed moth music or 12 and 12 each? TIA smile

Teddygirlonce Sun 15-Oct-17 11:27:42

SunnyS76 think this is only the second year Carshalton Girls has been offering scholarships for sports/music, so would imagine the numbers entering will not yet be too high (although likely to increase year on year as word spreads). Why not ask the school directly?

Certainly it is a good idea to have as much info at your fingertips as possible ahead of submitting the CAF. We were in a similar situation with Glenthorne last year (applying for a specialist arts place). We felt DD had a reasonable chance of admission, having passed the drama test, only to discover that she was still way way down the waiting list on Offers Day. DD to this day is still really cross that her expectations were unfairly raised.

Good luck!

Kiddle Mon 20-Nov-17 22:44:05

Does carshalton girls do they have table tennis

LocalEditorSutton Tue 21-Nov-17 09:46:32

Kiddle a question to ask of the school ( - are you meaning for sports scholarship purposes, or more generally?

Kiddle Wed 22-Nov-17 08:22:28

My dd play table tennis and represents her school for school competitions. She is ranked 65th in girls under 12.she is playing since year 2 so she wants to continue playing here as well.she completed her primary in singapore and through her sports she was offered place in 2 top secondary schools but my husband got job here so we have to move. My question is "Does the school give preference to sports as one of the criteria for admission?

LocalEditorSutton Wed 22-Nov-17 08:50:41

Does the school give preference to sports as one of the criteria for admission?

It certainly has ringfenced places for those girls with best sport and/or music aptitude but you would need to contact the school directly to find out if/how they could support your DD's table tennis talent. Is she generally sporty or is her skill very specific?

Generally in UK state schools table-tennis doesn't tend to be a mainstream sport but more likely to be played as an extra-curricular sporting activity/club. Or in the sixth form.

It might also be worth asking a separate question about local table-tennis clubs and seek their advice? As they will undoubtedly have their 'finger on the pulse' as they will be super-invested in nurturing talent in the sport.

Kiddle Wed 22-Nov-17 22:50:12

Her skill is specific.she is at competitive level and had trained for national competitons. Other than those available on internet do u know of anyclub or organisation i can get in touch with.

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