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Moving to Harrow summer 2018

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mumtothreefairies Sat 14-Oct-17 11:24:56

Hi, I'm a returning Brit expat and would like to know more about Harrow, schools and areas to avoid. We cant afford to live in London hence looking at the outskirts. My eldest DD will start sixth form and my twin DD's will start year 9.
Could someone help me understand how they will get into school and the whole procedure applying.
So far we like the schools: Bentley Wood high school, cannons high, Nowerhill, Park high, rookes heath college and Whitefriars and Whitmore park.
If you know the area or have experience of the schools mentioned please do give me feeback.
Thank you all

Hmam1980 Fri 07-Sep-18 20:51:17

Hi .. I am new to UK and I will be moving to Harrow this month. I would like to know your recommendations for schools. My son will start year 9. I found all the outstanding schools oversubscribed. I am afraid he will not find a place as he will be applying during the year. I will appreciate if you can help. Thank you

spinabifidamom Sat 08-Sep-18 04:32:28

Start by doing research on schools in the area.

Visit schools with him present and have a list of questions to ask them too. Trust your gut feeling. Check out the website and see the inspection report on the school as well. Also speak with parents of current students at the school.

Listen to gossip.

I like to categorise my questions so I don’t forget anything. The headings I suggest using are the curriculum, trips, after school clubs and activities, miscellaneous, first impressions, homework, school policies, and fundraising events.

Find out as much as possible. Talk with the students and staff
members as well. Read any curriculum booklets available on the website. Observe actual lessons.

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