Moving Bristol to Taunton

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AnaXhika Fri 13-Oct-17 12:20:16

Hello everybody!
So far I have read a lot of useful information about moving to Taunton, most of if quite positive, which is very satisfying.
Unfortunately, majority of the topics are a little dated and I'm not sure if anyone would ever open them again.
So, we are a young family of 2 (for now ;) ), planning to move to Taunton by the end of this year.
My husband already has a job in Taunton, he starts in the end of November.
I would probably have to travel from Taunton back to Bristol for some time, until I get something more local.
The question is, while we are still looking for a flat/ house, is there any area in Taunton which might need to be avoided?
Any area is better then the others?
I understand that Taunton is way smaller then Bristol, but you never now smile
Also, my husband will be working quite a lot and I'm not looking forward to be stuck "nowhere" alone.
I'm very positive about moving to Taunton, but prefer to get as much prepared as I can, to avoid possible disappointments.

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user1484311384 Fri 13-Oct-17 12:29:17

You really will need to check out the catchment areas for good schools. Definitely avoid Priorswood and Halcon areas. Housing in the catchment area of good schools, Heathfield, Castle and Bishop Foxes (secondary schools) particularly Castle can be more expensive. But there is a massive new estate at Monkton Heathfield which seems very nice(with new primary school nearby) and I would imagine would be good if you wanted to quickly get a network of young mums around you. Don't know your budget, but many of the villages within 7/8 miles of Taunton are lovely and have very good primary schools, North Curry, Stoke St Gregory, Curry Rivel. Taunton is a lovely area and once you have a drive round you will soon judge where is good and where's not so good, it's very obvious!!!!!

AnaXhika Fri 13-Oct-17 12:40:44

Wow! Thank you, this answers to it all!
We don't have kids just yet, but it's all in project, so information about schools is very useful!

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ChessieFL Fri 13-Oct-17 12:51:23

Where is your husband's job based? You don't want to be on one side of town if his job is the other side. Traffic getting across town can be a nightmare at peak times. Also, how will you be getting back and forth to Bristol? If driving, you would be better off on the motorway side so Monkton Heathfield a good option for that.

user1484311384 Fri 13-Oct-17 15:56:54

It's a pleasure!!!! As ChessieFL pointed out, as proximity to the M5 will be important to you Monkton Heathfield or any of those villages I mentioned are easy access for the motorway!

vixxy23 Tue 05-Dec-17 15:17:31


I just wanted to say hi as I'm also moving to Taunton but not until next August.
I have just got a job at the hospital but have to wait until next year to move.

user1484311384 Tue 05-Dec-17 17:29:29

Well done, vixxy23. Musgrove has an excellent reputation and has just received good inspection results. Whenever I have been there it always seems a great place to work, with a good vibe. We, as a family, have always received great treatment for our various ailments!! They diagnosed and successfully treated my husband for sepsis, so we have been very fortunate. Good luck with your house-hunting in the summer!! Taunton and surrounding areas are really lovely.

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