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Infant Observation

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Swedishcake Fri 13-Oct-17 07:43:35


I am a qualified therapist undertaking a conversion course to become a Child Psychotherapist. Part of my course, as it is with any person looking to work with children on a therapeutic basis is to carry out an infant observation. I need to find a mum who is about to give birth somewhere between the end of October to mid Nov who would be willing to let me come to her home for one hour every week from the time of birth (it would be preferable if we could meet just before!) I then just observe the baby and mum (or whomever is looking after baby) to see baby's development. I do not get involved, I do not judge and my observations do not go anywhere, they are for my info.
Every psychotherapist and analyst does this in their course and it is a core part of it, the benefit to mum as well can be amazing and for the most ends up being a really positive experience. I am a member of BACP and a have an advanced DBS clearance. I also am a mum to two children, boy 10 and girl 14 so realise what a commitment this is.

If you are interested, would like more information or just a chat to put a voice to a message then please feel free to message me through mumsnet and we can arrange. I would be really grateful if someone would be willing to help.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


jlou2015 Sat 14-Oct-17 16:51:21

I gave birth on 12th am north london area. It may be too late for u to observe but I am willing

Swedishcake Sat 14-Oct-17 17:32:05

Hi there,
Thank you so much for getting in touch, the 12th is fine.
What I have noticed that I forgot to write in my post (it was a little early) is that it is an 80 hour observation,so basically over 2 years. I realise this may change things for you but if not perhaps we could speak on the phone so I can introduce myself and just go into more detail.

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