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Lambeth Local Plan Review: a consultation

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LocalEditorLambeth Wed 11-Oct-17 21:21:03

The existing Lambeth Local Plan, adopted in 2015, contains a strong vision for the development of the borough to improve opportunities for local people.

Lambeth Council are reviewing it and this updated Lambeth Local Plan, together with the Mayor of London’s London Plan and neighbourhood plans, will set out the vision and robust planning policies needed to direct and guide development in the borough over the next 15 years to meet our future needs.

As a part of updating Lambeth’s Local Plan there is a public consultation with residents and stakeholders. The survey can be found here.

If you have any queries regarding this consultation you can email

The consultation closes on 4th December 2017.

TinselTwins Sat 14-Oct-17 00:23:37

So how did he get it? It's absolutely relevant whether it not she volunteered it or he otherwise saught it. No he does not have a right to it under their current circumstances, if he wants that to change he can go back to court. As others have said it's not true that it has to cost £££s

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