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Grammar school Entrance test prep (NONSUCH and Wallington)

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MRSMYM Wed 11-Oct-17 19:38:43

I want to prepare my DD for next year SET entrance exam for NONSUCH and Wallington high school.I don't want to pay expensive tuition, will practice at home. Any books ,Test papers, sample papers, links any recommendation will be highly appreciated as I am blank where to start from .

-Do they(nonsuch or wallington) have a mock test facility prior to exam?
-what i am understanding is , a child has to take an exam before even studying year6 curriculum because they held the test a year in advance .Is it right?

please help as i am new to this world ..


AdelaMKA1 Wed 18-Oct-17 13:46:45

There are a number of mock tests prior to the exam. These are set up by the schools themselves so if you went round all of them you could do quite a few. If I remember rightly they were in May/June time.

The SET entrance exam is not based on the Year 6 curriculum. It is a test that is taken a year before they would start secondary school and it is used just to judge the kids against each other. Most of the questions in the entrance test is stuff that would have already been covered at school but throughout Year 6 they would cover it in more detail. It is set at a standard that bright and capable kids would be able to answer a year ahead of starting secondary school, although of course the child will need to be prepared.

You can also buy copies of the exams online (search for 11+ or grammar school entrance exam papers on google) and some sites even do give some out for free.

Most kids that get into these schools do so with support of a tutor or someone who will ensure that the child knows how to answer those type of questions so that they are fully prepared. That's not to say that you couldn't prepare your child at home, I am sure some parents do this but I am not sure of the success rate of this approach.

Good luck! Hope all goes well!

MRSMYM Wed 18-Oct-17 17:28:09

Thanks AdelaMK

One more things I tried to find sample exam paper of nonsuch and whsg but no luck .. Have you come across anything similar ?link or website please ??

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