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Relocation - Views on Heanor, Derbyshire?

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Mjolnir5 Wed 11-Oct-17 14:45:18

Planning to move to Derbyshire from the South East. Have been around Alvaston, Normanton, Alfreton to view a few properties, but been let down by either remoteness from local amenities or a cluster of ex-local authority/council estates.

Got a few appointments booked for Heanor which at least on the Google maps street view seems like a leafy and airy place. I could see a lot of private properties and the local town centre seems quite tidy. Any local experience, views, info on good and bad areas would be appreciated. Thanks!

FurryTurnip Wed 11-Oct-17 16:48:04

Heanor is better than the other areas you've mentioned, but I wouldn't say it's particularly leafy and airy.!It's quite a run down town now in places. It's an ex-mining town like many others round there. A few boarded up shops etc. But, there's a lovely country park nearby (Shipley Park) and plenty of amenities nearby. There are some lovely big houses on the road out to ilkeston and probably good value for money. Personally I would avoid any areas leading towards Langley Mill. These are just my opinions of course! Good luck.

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