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extrahandsconcierge Wed 11-Oct-17 14:43:35

Extra Hands Concierge is a family business offering home and lifestyle management services to help make your life easier.

Lexora Sun 15-Oct-17 13:46:02


I’m new to mumsnet & dipping my toes into the water!

Wondering if any of you lovely ladies know of a good, decent accurate psychic reader in the Kent area?

It would be for a situation read (not a so called medium read to connect to the ‘other side’ which I am sceptical of, I normally have the psychometric type read where the reader just tunes into you to read using their own guides & intuition).

Have consulted a few on & off over the years both for phone & face to face reads, like many who have commented on various mums net threads, have been cautious & sceptical but also impressed with some unexpected & unusual things that were predicted that came true.

Recently had a very bad experience with a woman in the Chatham area with whom I had a few reads & who seemed to get some accurate hits ( although she had the most appalling & elementary communication skills). However, I began to trust her after a period of seeing some of her predictions come true, some of which were to do with my business & which she predicted correctly.

However, she became very unreliable, difficult, & frankly quite abusive to deal with (running hours late for appointments, no respect for people’s time or money, not responding to people, arranging workshops & not supplying promised materials etc. etc. . and the hurriedly deleting/blocking any negative comments from her facebook).
It seems she had the talent & natural ability but couldn’t organise herself to fulfil the requirements of her customers, ultimately having no respect for her clients, her gift or for herself. She had a quite a following at her peak but word has now got around regarding her unreliability. Her behaviour for someone who was a psychic & in the priveledged position of being a confidante in people’s private lives was shocking to see.

Needless to say I am now on the lookout for recommendations of a reader who is both compassionate & good at what they do.

Many thanks,


(Hope I've posted this in the right area!)

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