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*worried about lawless shisha bars*

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frodopuppy Tue 10-Oct-17 19:45:57


Shisha bars in Newham, Stratford and forest gate are not only letting my 16yr old inside, but also giving her 'discounts', she is getting drunk and becoming hard to handle. She says they sit with her and talk, and she knows the owners. Anyone else worried about these places and why men want to talk to teens. The shisha bar is meant to be 18+, but no id is checked, I cant work out how she can pay for all this?sad

bluedemilune Tue 10-Oct-17 21:31:11

go to the police there maybe grooming going on there.

MsWanaBanana Tue 10-Oct-17 22:13:25

Defo go to the police about this. If they're giving her alcohol this is illegal and as pp said, they may be grooming her. Try and get her to stay away from there and talk to her about the dangers on grooming and underage drinking

frodopuppy Wed 11-Oct-17 12:26:39

Thanks, i have reported my suspicions. I had wondered if others in area had concerns of something similar? I may be just thinking the worst.

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