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Moving to Bath

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AZaf Tue 10-Oct-17 18:11:49

Hi. We are moving to Bath from abroad towards the start of next month and just wondering what kind of primary schools in Bath are good for children from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Any suggestions would be appreciated! smile

Misstomrs Thu 12-Oct-17 11:19:54

Statistically Bath is not very ethnically diverse I'm afraid. I would suggest having a look at the application information for primary schools on the Banes (Bath and North East Somerset) website to see if any of them appeal and then try visiting them to get more of a feel when you can. Do you know where in Bath you will be moving to as if you're looking at state primaries this will dictate which ones are open to you? Equally, if you are going private you will want to think about your daily commute.

Joinourclub Thu 12-Oct-17 23:15:39

Although Bath is not very ethically diverse, there is enough diversity for ethnic minority pupils not to be an 'oddity'. I can think of 6 children from 'non-white' or mixed-race backgrounds in my primary child's class, plus additional white 'non-British' children so there is some diversity there!

AZaf Tue 17-Oct-17 21:02:47

Thanks Misstomrs. I have had a look online for any information I can find and have narrowed down a few schools. I have also written to the BANES LA and plan on visiting schools as soon as I get to Bath. I am fairly open in terms of areas we move to as that decision will depend on what schools have places for us and which ones we feel might be right for us. I actually lived in the North West for a number of years in the past, in a statistically not very diverse town. However, it had 2 universities and a hospital which meant there were always people from other ethnicity. So I assumed Bath would be quite similar in that sense.

Thanks Joinourclub. That does sound like an encouraging number in my opinion. The school my child attended in the past, there were not more 3 children from diverse backgrounds in their school year and we were very happy with that as I feel it helps a lot with the overall school experience. Can you please give me any examples of what schools I can consider?

Misstomrs Tue 17-Oct-17 22:02:39

So glad you've been able to get some information on the schools Azaf. I really didn't mean my comment to sound negative - as joinourclub said, There are people from lots of different backgrounds, just smaller numbers than you might find elsewhere, but certainly enough to at least match your previous experience. Good luck with the school search.

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