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Has anyone had a tongue tie done privately in Bristol?

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psychologyrocks66 Mon 09-Oct-17 14:51:19

I have been told that despite my 9 week baby needing a tongue tie operation to feed properly, it cant be completed because i am not breast feeding. Ivy takes little milk as her suck isnt right so she just fills up with air. I have called the spire, Nuffield, BMI healthcare and Bupa but they dont treat children under 3. Has anyone had this procedure completed near Bristol privately that i have the deatils for? Thanks very much. Ruthsmile

TheRealMrsClarkson Mon 09-Oct-17 21:22:23

If she can't feed properly then they need to fix it urgently. My youngest had a deep & thick tongue tie which meant he slipped from the 98th to 2nd centile by his 6 week check. This had a massive impact on my milk supply. On referal in Bristol I was told I had a 2 week wait as someone was on holiday. I escalated & was adamanant that it was fixed immediatly as we had waited long enough. Low & behold it wss possible & was done in the next 48hours.

puglife15 Mon 09-Oct-17 22:55:10

There is a private midwife who does tongue tie in Cardiff and I think someone else in Somerset but when I researched didn't find anyone in Bristol itself. The sooner you can get it done the better.

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