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West London free primary school: is it a good school?

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TildeCucinotta Sun 08-Oct-17 15:46:54

We will move to London Hammersmith in April 2018 with our 6 years old daughter and I am looking for an academically good primary school.
What about the West London Free Primary School? Would you advice to enroll my daughter there? Any personal experiences you would like to share?
Many thanks!

AliPfefferman Tue 10-Oct-17 02:35:24

It's a great school, or at least it has a great reputation. I know people with kids there and they are very happy. But it's very, very oversubscribed so I don't know how likely it is that you would get in.

Ceto Tue 10-Oct-17 08:16:07

I think you need to look beyond academics - word is that this school only achieves good results by being pretty ruthless about edging out those with SEN and other problems.

Feluca Wed 11-Oct-17 05:32:29

Thanks. How would you compare John Betts, Brackembury and Miles Coverdale to West London free school?

ArcheryAnnie Wed 11-Oct-17 13:23:36

If you can get into John Betts, you have effectively won the West London education lottery.

FulhamParent Sun 15-Oct-17 18:40:49

I think you'd be better off at West London Free. John Betts and Brakenbury are both rated as outstanding but are highly likely to lose this at their next inspection. Miles Coverdale has a more recent inspection.

sandyposy Sun 15-Oct-17 19:52:21

FulhamParent: what makes you say Brackenbury and John Betts are likely to lose the outstanding?

WellThisIsShit Tue 17-Oct-17 01:28:19

St Peter’s is good too, but is a faith school so maybe not your thing?

By the way, what are the secondary schools like in this area? Where to children end up going after John Betts etc?

Feluca Mon 08-Jan-18 12:45:00

would you advise Ark Conway primary school? is there any parents of children already attending the school ?

contessa101163 Mon 15-Jan-18 10:47:46

I have been impressed by Holy Cross in parsons green, St Augustines, Larmenier (brook green) Thomas's Academy, All Saints....not sure about West London free school after reading all the next to Melcombe but it looks run down....was keen on Queen's manor (landscaping play areas and gardens will be amazing) but mixed thoughts they dont have such good league to submit by 11pm today!! marlborough primary in sloane avenue is state of the art but too much of a journey daily...

Bella198 Wed 31-Jan-18 09:46:50

Any one have an opinion on Ark Bentworth or Ark Conway Primary/Academy Schools?

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