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Relocating to Tonbridge area - Anyone local who can help?

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Fresia99 Sat 07-Oct-17 18:20:16

Hi everybody, I need your help as my family and I are thinking relocating to Tonbridge or nearby area and I was wondering if you could tell me more about the area.
We have a child in primary school so we need a place which is safe, with a good primary school (possibly outstanding in Ofsted) and secondary schools (not Grammar necessarily as it’s early to say if my child would pass the 11+) activities to do for children (sports etc), things to do with kids and for us at the weekend, local markets, local events, and good train links to London as my H and I work there.

I have done some research on Tonbridge and we visited the town a couple of times already, we liked it enough but I guess before we can consider relocating there I would need more info from local people/mums who live there already.

School - In Tonbridge I looked at the Slade primary school as it’s outstanding in the Ofsted report and also has a Breakfast club and After school club provision which is what I am looking as my H and I work in London.
Can anyone tell me more about the school?

Train - is the train line good? Can you always get a seat on the peak hour trains to London?

Properties - which areas do we need to avoid? Any particular road? Ideally we need to be near the station or the Slade Primary school as we would want to add the expense to park the car at the station, however we don’t have a premium budget to play with.

We could move anywhere in the Tonbridge area but we would like to be in a town not a village and choosing a primary with child care provision is a must, this restricts a lot the areas we could relocate to as I found that not many school has this provision.

I hope you can help and I look forward to your kind suggestions and tips.

Thank you
Best wishes

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