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Tryingtobeinformed Fri 06-Oct-17 14:02:30

Can anyone, from personal experience, recommend s good senior school that is both academic and supportive with Sen - specifically dyslexia. Needs to be viable from Maidenhead- private or state. My daughter has potential to achieve very well but needs relevant inclusive measures to be available vs a constant battle (exam access etc) and a school that recognised that dyslexia doesn’t impact on iq do that teaching and learning isn’t capped. I’ve seen and heard dreadful things in places I’ve looked at. Many dismiss her as not needing help because she will muddle through because she is bright or others seem to assume dyslexia means low intellugence. We opted for daughter not to do eleven plus exam but she was assessed as very likely to pass. She is very capable but some aspects of literacy are impacted by dyslexia and we want to find somewhere where there is flexibility with not doing modern languages and support as required . Any feedback gratefully received x

Annette1000 Tue 17-Oct-17 08:27:31

Emmbrook, Wokingham, been amazing with my top set dyslexic.

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