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Volunteer to help children learn to read

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beanstalkreads Thu 05-Oct-17 21:09:09

Beanstalk is a national children's literacy charity that recruits, trains and supports volunteers to provide one-to-one support to children who are struggling with their reading. We are now seeking new volunteers to join us in the new academic year. If you're looking for a really rewarding volunteering experience and can spare three hours a week over two days, please get in touch. You can find out more at or by calling 020 7729 4087.

shunahani Fri 06-Oct-17 01:51:22

Hi are you still looking for volunteers and what areas do you cover.

Paperclipmover Fri 06-Oct-17 08:51:05


Do you use Synthetic Phonics or mixed methods? If the former I would be interested.

beanstalkreads Fri 06-Oct-17 11:42:19

Thanks for the replies.

Shunahani, we're still looking for volunteers. You can find out where we work here - we work all over London.

Paperclipmover, we don't use synthetic phonics, although we do train our volunteers in phonics awareness. Our volunteers work outside the classroom, giving one-to-one support to three children twice a week for half an hour with each child. They do this for a whole year, helping the children to build confidence, getting to know them and what will engage them with reading and trying to make reading fun and something they look forward to. You can read more at

Hope that helps.

Paperclipmover Fri 06-Oct-17 12:21:23

Thanks, I'll have a look at the link

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