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user1498809315 Thu 05-Oct-17 13:08:27

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I'm new to this.

I have a little boy who will be 2 in December. I also have a little girl is 5 months old.

I've worked from leaving school. I'm 27yrs old now. Stopped working in 2016 as I'm bringing my kids up now.

I'm only getting tax credits every month for my 2 kids.

Also child benefit weekly.

I am really struggling to make ends meet like we all are now n then.

I get no help of my kids dad. Not one bit help.

I've rang HMRC to ask for advice etc as people are saying I can claim extra help to help with living costs etc.

I would love to go to work and give my kids a better life etc.

All my family work full time so can't rely on anyone. I'm hoping to get my little boy into nursery after Christmas. But then I still have my little girl. Can't put on to anyone to watch her etc as my family work full time.

Please anyone have any advice for me. Would really appreciate it.

Or anyone going through the same situation as me.


user1498809315 Thu 05-Oct-17 13:10:45

I loved working. Worked everyday from leaving school. Would love to go out to work again for myself and to give my kids everything they deserve.

I just can't rely on anyone as everyone in my family work full time confused

LocalEditorDurham&Newcastle Thu 05-Oct-17 13:38:45

There's a Lone Parents board on the main site. There will be other mums who have been through the same experiences who may be able to help with advice on childcare or how to get back into employment

There's also a specific board for Going back to Work - again there maybe some useful posts on there already, or you could ask for specific advice on your own situation

Best of luck! If there's anyone local to County Durham who is going through some of the same issues, hopefully they will be along to post shortly.

user1498809315 Thu 05-Oct-17 13:49:55

Thank you very much. Appreciate it x

lifelongfrugaleer Thu 05-Oct-17 20:32:14

Hi user
Have you reviewed all of your out goings to see if your could help your money stretch further. You could join us on the frugal threads?
No advice on the jobs in afraid. Do you have a sure start centre near you? Could they help with child care advice. What is your field could you work from home or be entitled to working tax credits.
Sorry I don't know how the system works these days.

user1498809315 Thu 05-Oct-17 22:48:33

Hi thanks for reply.

No sure starts were I live. There's a few nurseries. I'm hoping to get my little boy into a nursery after xmas. But then there's my little girl she's only 5 months old.

I would love to work from home but not sure how to and what to do etc

I've always worked in care etc looking after elderly in care homes. Done all my training for it. Got my level 2 & 3.

I would love something part time if I could get child care for my son and daughter.

Think it's good to work for yourself and kids to give them a better life etc and never wanting things. And been able to provide for them rather be struggling on etc.

Santawontbelong Fri 06-Oct-17 09:19:16

Have you contacted cms?

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