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Children's Parties - Your views please?

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stussysausage Sat 30-Sep-17 16:01:04


I am looking for some feedback from this group on behalf of a start up business myself and my husband are working on.
My husband is a fully qualified personal trainer and I have 15 years of event management experience. Both of us are ex military.

With an increase in child obesity my husband is passionate about increasing fitness and nutrition awareness in schools and running before and after school clubs in a boot camp style dedicated for children which I am confident will be a big success.

The other aspect of the business will focus on children's parties. I have three children, two girls and one boy and from my experience there is a serious lack of boys themed parties. There are many princess or dazzling princess themes for girls but the boys typically are left with jump or football.
Do you ladies have the same experience?

My husband and I have the idea of combining our talents to produce a party theme with a military style camp. It would consist of the following adventure for any budding soldier (and girls would of course be welcome too):

2 hour party (which can be held indoor or outdoors or at home)
Children get camouflage war paint
An adventure assault course consisting of running around over and under various obstacles
Party games - military style including pass the bomb and Nurf war
Completion medal for each child
Printable event invitations

Additional extra's at an extra cost would be:
Buffet food
Cake / cupcakes
Party bags

I would be really keen to hear views on the above and whether or not this is the sort of party you would consider for your children.
All comments and feedback very welcome.

Many thanks,

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