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Antenatal casses blackheath

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nivky Sat 30-Sep-17 08:11:04

Hi All,
First pregnancy and due early April. Would anybody recommend a good anetenatal in blackheath village or close by? Would love to meet some local ladies due around same time.

Also any other activities you could recommend to join as I like to keep active. Pregnancy yoga, run groups etc


tallgables Wed 04-Oct-17 14:47:24


Have you signed up for an NCT group? This is a great way of meeting new people who will have babies at exactly the same age as yours.
Ellie Brown runs pregnancy yoga and pilates in Greenwich

adjsavedmylife Thu 05-Oct-17 10:00:09

Bernadette King at Peaceful Practice has all sorts you might like - workshops, classes, massage etc. Plus mother and baby yoga for when the little one is here. More the Standard / Mycanae House but well worth a look

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