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Cleaner recommendation - North London

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do11y Tue 26-Sep-17 20:46:57

Hello Mumsnetters, I posted the following message on the main Mumsnet site, but then discovered there are local branches of the site too. If anyone is able to provide some feedback on the below question, I'd be very keen to hear from you. Thank you in advance....
Can anyone out there recommend a reliable cleaner? I recently closed down my Housekeep account as it really wasn't working out for me for the following reasons:
1. Having been a member for just on 6 months, I've had as many cleaners during that time, which I found stressful and downright inconvenient
2. Just when a cleaner that you like settles in, they disappear and you're left having to teach someone new all over again
3. It is neigh impossible to reach Housekeep by phone and any email enquiries take days to elicit any response from them - really rather unacceptable in this day and age.

I have a very strong suspicion that the reason for the high turnover is because of their rating system which works like this: After every clean, the house-owner is invited to rate the cleaner. I suspect that if you leave anything less than a 'perfect' rating for the cleaner, they dump you and move on to the next sucker customer - because they don't want their ratings tarnished by a less-than-satisfied client. My last cleaner was very good, but I have to say on her final visit she didn't follow my instructions and didn't clean various items I specifically asked her to - so I gave her 4 / 5 for that clean. The next thing I know she dumps me and now I'm left with having to find someone else. This whole rating system discourages any kind of honesty. Anyway, if you know of a reliable, decent cleaner around the N8 / N10 / N22 area, please let me know. And am also interested to hear what your experiences have been with agencies (Hassle, Happy House, Fantastic, etc)

Thank you so much.

do11y Sat 30-Sep-17 14:06:14


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