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Portsmouth, Fareham or...?

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MiCasa2017 Tue 26-Sep-17 16:27:10


We are currently living in Portsmouth. DC1 starts school next year and we are thinking about looking for a house in a nice neighborhood with good schools. We were told that Fareham is a nice town for family life. Is this true? Can you recommend any particular area there? What about house prices? is it better to rent or buy? Or is it better to stay in Portsmouth after all?

Please advise, thanks!

SorrelForbes Tue 26-Sep-17 18:34:35

We live in Fareham, near Cams Hill school which apparently us rather good. I like the area, it's fairly quiet with good transport links. Shopping is awful but it's not far to Portsmouth or Southampton. House prices seem to vary a lot depending on the area. In our road, a three bed will cost about £425K+ but there are less expensive areas.

MiCasa2017 Tue 26-Sep-17 20:09:13

Thanks Sorrel for your input!
Yes Cams is apparently really good but it's Harrison Primary School that we should aim at. I've looked a bit on Rightmove and the catchment area for this school includes Furzehall Avenue, Potters Avenue and Old Turnpike among others. Which of these in your opinion is the "best"? Any particular area to avoid in Fareham? I'd really appreciate if you could give me "insider tips". Also, why is shopping awful? I thought there was a shopping mall and a kind of commercial road?
Thanks in advance for your help!

midlifenicethis Wed 27-Sep-17 09:17:02

Harrison Primary is indeed a really good school. I have 2 daughters there and they will go onto Cams Hill for secondary.
The area around Harrison is very nice, although family housing i.e 3-4 beds are sought after and good ones get snapped up quickly. Here is a catchment map, although the map is deceptive as there is v little housing in the area above the M27.
Fareham itself is nice enough and it big enough for growing kids not to get bored but safe enough to not worry to much about them as they begin to head out on their own. If you're worried about shopping then GunWharf Quays, Whiteley and Southampton West Quay are all within 30 mins.
Hope that helps!

MiCasa2017 Wed 27-Sep-17 21:41:35

Hello midlifenicethis and thanks a lot for your post, it's really helpful!
I totally agree about the family housing in the area around Harrison School; from my online research the nice houses are not only scarce but pricey. Is there any particular area you can recommend (price/quality)? This is going to be our first purchase and we are a bit nervous tbh, especially as DC1 will start school next year.

midlifenicethis Wed 27-Sep-17 22:41:29

MiCasa: house pricing in Fareham seems to be very much driven by catchment. If you were to buy west of the railway line it's cheaper, but out of Harrison catchment, so kids may not get a place - Harrison is over subscribed.
As for whether to stay in Pompey, again it depends where you are.... and whether you're a church goer ;-) I know a few none believers who found the Lord and secured places for their kids at St Judes.!
Also, what do you (and partner if applicable) need for work?
PM me if you like re areas... don't want to say too much :-)

MiCasa2017 Thu 28-Sep-17 10:30:29

Hi midlifenicethis and thx for your help smile

St Judes is not a good school as it "requires improvement" according to the latest OFSTED's report. I don't think there is even one outstanding school in all of Portsmouth.

Thx for the invitation to PM you, I'm going to do it now ;)


mrwalkensir Thu 05-Oct-17 18:06:17

just a note that schools that need improvement can be a good option if they're trying to change them. Ours went to a good secondary that then (head teacher resting on his laurels) went slowly down the pan whilst they were there (although that can have its own advantages when they then go to college). Since then a new head has come in and turned it round. Have you thought of venturing Horndean/Cowplain direction?

Ragnar Sun 08-Oct-17 19:36:53

Hiya, applications for reception are out in November and need to be responded to by January, without an address in the area you like you won't be able to apply. Any late applications will be processed after those done in time so you haven't got long to choose, might be worth renting first if you are looking for next years reception

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