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Portsmouth, Fareham or ...?

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MiCasa2017 Tue 26-Sep-17 16:25:34


We are currently living in Portsmouth. DC1 starts school next year and we are thinking about looking for a house in a nice neighborhood with good schools. We were told that Fareham is a nice town for family life. Is this true? Can you recommend any particular area there? What about house prices? is it better to rent or buy? Or is it better to stay in Portsmouth after all?

Please advise, thanks!

c3pu Wed 27-Sep-17 15:20:34

Portsmouth is an island, so getting into/out of it is a nightmare at busy times. Fareham covers a fairly wide area, so depending on what your budget is depends on if you can live in a nice part of it or not!

MiCasa2017 Wed 27-Sep-17 21:43:39

Hi c3pu and thanks for your input. Can you recommend any "nice part" please?

BillyBanana Mon 13-Aug-18 10:35:30

Nice parts of Fareham would be Funtley side. Or more towards the Fareham college side. I'd personally avoid most of the Highlands Road bits, unless you move towards the Kiln Road on the north. Uplands and Harrison schools are top-notch in the area, and you have a lot of parents vying for them. Fareham would give you more of a "rural" feel, as it has woodlands and little villages dotted around it. Portsmouth is basically a city, so it depends on what sort of outdoor life you're looking at.

TheTempest Mon 13-Aug-18 10:36:49

I’m not local but I work in the area. I’d say Emsworth, little bit further out but lovely little town. 😁

SilverHairedCat Mon 13-Aug-18 10:37:51

I loved living in Southsea. Hated Fareham. Avoid Gosport for traffic reasons if nothing else.

Where in Pompey are you? What do or don't you like about where you are? What's your budget?

SilverHairedCat Mon 13-Aug-18 10:38:20

Ah shit, zombie thread.

September 2017.

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