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LMRD Tue 26-Sep-17 16:21:57

Hi All. I am new to the County of Suffolk having just moved here from Hertfordshire along with my husband and two young boys 7yrs and 3yrs.
We are looking for a primary school in the Bury st Edmunds area. We are in the village of Great Barton but unfortunately our closest primary school is full in my eldest sons year group.
Can anyone give any advise on what schools to avoid in the area and which schools their children are excelling at. I am wiling to drive up to 8 miles for the "perfect" school.(if it exists) Both Ofsted grades and local reputation are important factors to consider and whilst i can view the Ofsted reports online i do not have any school mum friends to seek advise from.

Many thanks in advance.


Neverbored Tue 26-Sep-17 19:41:32

Most schools locally are good. I'd view a few to get a feel for them. Westgate Primary is where my LG went and she did very well there. The ones on Moreton Hall are closer to Great Barton but tend to be full. Hope that helps.

LMRD Wed 27-Sep-17 13:04:07

Thanks Neverbored. would you be so kind and advise on any to steer clear of please?
many thanks

Brennan12 Thu 28-Sep-17 06:43:30

Hi I live in Great Barton and have a 7 year old son - would be happy to have a chat with you about schools etc - not sure if you can private message details on mumsnet?

cheapskatemum Fri 29-Sep-17 11:16:12

Hi! You can private message details on MN. I have a friend who teaches 7 year olds at one of the primary schools on Moreton Hall estate. I'll ask her if the school is full & the name of it. I believe she said they were graded "Good" at last Ofsted.

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