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Jesmond or Gosforth

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user1485263432 Mon 25-Sep-17 16:16:33

Relocating to Newcastle, don't know the area at all, please help! Been told the best areas for families are Jesmond and Gosforth, is that correct? I don't drive so want somewhere accessible with good schools - any suggestions would be great. Thanks so much

Logoplanter Mon 25-Sep-17 16:28:22

Hi, both Jesmond and Gosforth are nice. Jesmond is closer to town and depending on where you live you could walk into town. Gosforth is further out but with good transport links - metro and bus.

Jesmond has a LOT of uni students. Gosforth less so. I think both have good schools.

Will you be buying or renting? How many bedrooms do you need? What's your budget if you don't mind me asking and I'll see if there is anywhere else I can suggest.

user1485263432 Mon 25-Sep-17 17:22:43

Thanks so much, that's really helpful, I'd be looking for 4 bedrooms and a garden for about £500,000 do you think that's possible in those areas? The schools are my main concerns - there seems to be loads of private schools, does that mean the state schools aren't very good (can't afford private school for 3 kids!) x

Patienceisvirtuous Mon 25-Sep-17 18:23:13

Also look at the Tyne Valley. Check out Ovingham...

user1485263432 Mon 25-Sep-17 18:39:35

Ok, thanks for that x

AccrualIntentions Mon 25-Sep-17 19:03:44

There's only a very small number of streets I'd be prepared to live in in Jesmond, because there are so many students. It's a real shame, because I have such a soft spot for the area. Gosforth doesn't have the same problems with student antisocial behaviour and what you want house wise should be achieveable for your budget, although there are a lot of big terraces, which don't always have gardens.

I can't speak to schools particularly as we'll be looking to go the Catholic schools route as I don't really like the Gosforth three tier system (first, middle, high). I believe Gosforth High has an outstanding rating though.

dorothymichaels Mon 25-Sep-17 19:15:02

High Heaton is cheaper but a great area for families. Also South Gosforth. I wouldn't live in Jesmond, too many students. Gosforth is lovely but there is a lot of traffic on the high street which puts me off. You'd get something really nice on Jesmond Park West or near the freeman hospital with that budget. You'd also be near St Mary's high school there. Catholic primaries - St Theresa's and St Catherine's. Heaton Manor school is in special measures but I doubt that will be for long now it has new leadership.

dorothymichaels Mon 25-Sep-17 19:17:20

This for example is lovely.

dorothymichaels Mon 25-Sep-17 19:18:15

Or this

RewoB Mon 25-Sep-17 19:51:51

Gosforth is lovely for families & def good schools. Sure you'll find a lovely house there for that amount near Gosforth High street

wonkylegs Mon 25-Sep-17 19:57:01

We have lived in both
Jesmond as students/young professionals
Gosforth as young professionals and with a young family (we were there for 10yrs)
We wouldn't have left Gosforth by choice but work meant we had to leave.
Both are awful for parking and traffic but are well connected with the metro & buses
Both aren't cheap.
Jesmond - the students have taken over vast swathes of it and this means parking is terrible, anti social behaviour never bothered us but I know it's bothered others, I tend to find it makes some bits a bit neglected as there lots of landlord properties. Some bits are beautiful though but you will pay for it.
Gosforth - more families, the more central bits suffer from lack of parking and the terraces don't tend to have gardens only yards but we found that we were close enough to the park for that not to be an issue. The high street is fab and we found schools to be good.
As I said we loved living there and we were sad to move away although we love where we are now.

wonkylegs Mon 25-Sep-17 19:57:55

We were in state school.

user1485263432 Mon 25-Sep-17 20:12:34

Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate your help

MrsPworkingmummy Mon 25-Sep-17 20:39:13

Both areas have many positives and also very different negatives. Jesmond offers a 'cafe culture' with shops/nightlife on your doorstop. With your budget, it would probably be difficult to find a nice house with a garden unless you were prepared to live alongside students. Jesmond's state primary school West Jesmond is outstanding, but unless you're Catholic or could afford private education, the state secondary Heaton Manor is awful and has a long-standing bad reputation (huge inequality and wealth difference between student groups which causes bullying. On site police officer). Gosforth offers the education three tier system (which I think is super) and the majority of first and middle schools are outstanding. The high school is outstanding. If you would like a house with a garden , I'd move closer to the coast (Whitley Bay) for example
The schools are amongst the best performing in the country (as a local authority), metro links are excellent into town and you obviously have the beaches and great facilities on your doorstop. A wider house type is available too, whereas in Gosforth/Jesmond the main houses in your price range would be terraced. All 3 areas are lovely though too be honest - very middle class, mostly private housing and very safe, family friendly, desirable places to live.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Mon 25-Sep-17 21:07:40

Both are great and your budget is fine for what you're looking for but agree Heaton Manor is awful so I'd look into schooling options before buying. I think your budget will keep you away from the student areas in Jesmond. Have a look on Rightmove but both areas are lovely
We've just made the move to the North East from down south and were thinking we'd end up in Jesmond/Gosforth but have actually moved to Durham (which is brilliant)

user1485263432 Tue 26-Sep-17 09:13:49

Thanks so much everyone

LocalEditorDurham&Newcastle Tue 26-Sep-17 11:17:34

Some great advice here. I'd second the comments about preferring Gosforth for families. High Heaton does offer some good options for housing but I personally find it a bit out on a limb in terms of what's going on. Have you considered Low Fell in Gateshead?

user1485263432 Tue 26-Sep-17 12:08:46

Don't know the area at all, so no, but I'll look at those, thanks so much really appreciate it

AccrualIntentions Tue 26-Sep-17 13:15:13

I agree about High Heaton, I used to live there and it's a nice place but there's much less in terms of facilities / shops / restaurants / cafes / pool etc. and I like being on the metro line.

wonkylegs Tue 26-Sep-17 13:16:20

When you are looking - with your budget & wanting a garden I suspect you'll get lots of houses in great park offered to you.
Be aware this is a new housing development quite far out of Gosforth and quite a way away from lots of the benefits of Gosforth centre (high street, park etc), some people don't even count it as Gosforth although estate agents most definitely do.
Some people love it, some people hate it - it's completely up to you how you feel but it's worth checking where properties are on the map as 'gosforth' is used to describe quite a wide area by some agents.

Wishingandwaiting Tue 26-Sep-17 13:21:42

If actually good for career, I would go for it

If somewhere you have always fancied going, then not a chance would I go

user1485263432 Tue 26-Sep-17 13:32:00

Ok, thanks for that

MrsLouisTomlinson Tue 26-Sep-17 13:36:04

I'd like to second the suggestion of Whitley Bay. Housing hugely achievable on your budget, on the metro line and outstanding three tier schooling whilst being a stones throw from the beach. There really isn't anything to dislike.

MrsLouisTomlinson Tue 26-Sep-17 13:41:36

I'm going in hard for Whitley Bay and the surrounding area ☺️

LocalEditorDurham&Newcastle Tue 26-Sep-17 13:52:28

Whitley Bay is a good suggestion - I've never lived there though so I'll leave it to the experts - Mrs LT has it covered I think grin

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