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Margaret Wix

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NotSoNewbie Sun 24-Sep-17 23:20:50

Hi all
Looking to relocate to St Albans (along with many, I know). We require a year 4 in-year transfer. The only school with a year 4 vacancy is Margaret Wix. Compared with my child's current school (going by various school comparison websites) it appears to be much better, however there seem to be a lot of negative comments online about the school being the worst in St A, and yet there are never any reasons given for this. Nobody seems to apply to this school and it just gets filled up with everyone who doesn't get a place elsewhere. Does anyone have children who currently attend? What are your experiences of the school?

Many thanks in advance!

GoldenMoon Tue 26-Sep-17 08:51:13

Hi NotSoNewbie,

Sorry no one has replied.
I have no experience with Margaret Wix in particular, but think its reputation suffers from being a bit too diverse. Just checked the Herts in year website and looks like there are Yr4 vacancies in Killigrew and Mandeville as well, so you actually have more options. However, they are in the south west side of the town.

Not sure where you intend to stay, but I have seen places come up in the 'village' schools like Sandridge and St John Fisher, both quite decent IMHO.

We were exactly in your situation three years ago and it was incredibly stressful. However, St Albans is such a wonderful place to live and grow as a family, everything was worth it. One of the best decisions I have ever made smile.

Wish you good luck with the move.

chocolatebiscuit Wed 18-Oct-17 23:38:59

Margaret Wix is a lovely school. It had a bad reputation many years ago which continues due to snobbery. Bright children do well there as do those with special needs. Because of the more diverse group of children it caters for, you tend to find the children develop very good interpersonal skills which will give them an edge over children who have not had this experience. Sadly a lot of parents are afraid to let their children mix with children who are not the same as them which in modern society will put them at a disadvantage when they reach the work place.

rainbowdolphin1 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:33:56

We are new in this area. My daughter has been offering a place at Margaret Wix and this is the only school has the vacancy, but I'm still struggling about sending her there because most of the comments are very very negative.
Can anyone gives me some advise please!!

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