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Moving to Norfolk and need advice on areas please

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Klb1991 Sun 24-Sep-17 21:04:57

We are thinking of relocating from Southend, Essex to Norfolk and would really appreciate to advice on some areas please? We have found a beautiful 5 bedroom detached house in Little Fransham, Dereham which we fell in love with but when we spoke to some of the locals in Wymondham where we were staying in our hotel we were told to avoid Dereham. We didn't actually realise at the time that the house actually comes under little fransham so we were just asking about Dereham and people were turning their noses up.
Is Little Fransham a nice place to live and bring up your children? We have a 6 year old, 4 year old and 1 year old.
We are also going to view a house in Blofield and would appreciate opinions on this area too please?
Relocating from so far away is daunting and just want to make sure we make the right choice on area. Thank you

Lenl Mon 25-Sep-17 07:14:27

Dereham is fine, not sure why those people had a problem. Little Fransham is halfway between Dereham and Swaffham anyway.

I don't know a great deal about either Little Fransham or Blofield but it depends what you want to get from the move. Blofield is much closer to Norwich which is what I'd prefer simply because there's much more going on there, things to do etc. Blofield is also a shorter drive to the beach if that's a consideration. If you plan to to into Norwich very regularly I'd also not especially want to drive the Fransham - Norwich part of the a47 that often although that's a minor consideration. I drive it regularly for work and it's just a of a crap road with some dangerous junctions.

Hopefully someone who knows the two villages better will come alone and be more helpful haha

Klb1991 Mon 25-Sep-17 12:08:41

Thank you for your advice. You've made me feel a little better about fransham so I think I will have another viewing of that house and explore the area some more. Also excited to view the house in blofield as I like the idea of being close to Norwich and the coast!

ShiningWhit Tue 26-Sep-17 18:07:42

Blofield has a great primary school. I think you need to also look at where the natural secondary catchment is - secondaries are the toughie here....

KoolKoala07 Tue 26-Sep-17 23:50:51

I grew up in one of the next villages along from blofield. (2 minutes drive)
Personally I wouldn't want to live there now. My parents still do but it's very boring, not a lot going on and my parents spent years running me and my siblings backwards and forwards into norwich due to the useless public transport as we became older. As previously mentioned it is close to Norwich and great for access to the coast. It's a 'nice' area, just boring. Don't know a huge amount in regards to living in Dereham and what it's got to offer but I always thought as a place it's absolutely fine.

liquidrevolution Wed 27-Sep-17 06:55:54

What on earth is wrong with Dereham? Am not in Norfolk but my brother works there and i used to drop him off. I always thought it looked nice and was thinking if i relocated it would probably be there as i wouldnt want to be too close to my folks who are in Cromer.

Sorry cant help you with the other places but Norfolk is lovely.grin

raisedbyguineapigs Wed 27-Sep-17 08:00:44

We moved to Norwich from London. One of the things we quickly realised was that peoples views about what is 'not a nice area' is comparative grin. It means it's not as nice as a quiet country village. I've only been to Dereham, not heard anything had about it. But we moved from Enfield where the ' not nice areas' are several million miles away from bad areas here!

ShowOfHands Wed 27-Sep-17 12:15:45

I live in the next village along from Fransham so my DC go to the primary school yours would go to. I also used to live in the village next to Blofield!

I can probably answer any questions if you have specific ones. I like both areas. Obviously!

Klb1991 Tue 24-Jul-18 01:25:09

Sorry, I completely forgot I wrote this post. UODATE... we bought the house in Little Fransham and moved in in early January. Best thing I ever done. Thank you for all your comments. My son is loving his school at beeston and my daughter has her last day in beeston pre school tomorrow which has been absolutely amazing!! I’m glad we went with our gut and didn’t listen to the negative comments about dereham. We’re about 10 mins from the traffic of dereham town which doesn’t affect us at all. I joined the dereham fb page and all the negative things I hear being moaned about is me the a47 traffic and accidents. I’ll take that over the daily news report of rape and stabbing a which is becoming more and more recurrent on my southend one. I suppose you become used to your surroundings and I’m definitely grateful of the lovely Norfolk laid back life now. Truly one of
The nicer parts of our country to live.
Good move. Thanks for your advice comments xxx

ragged Wed 25-Jul-18 21:17:29

So glad it worked out for you, OP. x

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