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30 hours

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rach3l3l Thu 21-Sep-17 19:18:47

Hi, so basically i qualified for my daughter to have 30 hours free childcare. I took the hours at the school nursery at the same school my older daughter goes to. When we received the info. We had to pay for 1 hour lunch provision at £3 a day. This meant she would be in 8.30 til 3.30. The reason they do this is to cater for morning nursery 8.30 til 11.30 and afternoon nursery 12.30 til 3.30. My daughter turned 3 in June and i have been so worried the hours will be too much for her. She started last week and has now nearly done 2 weeks, but she is exhausted. I am debating whether to reduce her to just morning sessions which are 8.30 to 11.30? I only work 2 and a half days so i would just mean my mum and dad chipping in for child care. Or do i leave her as she is and see if she adjusts? TIA

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