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LooLoo777 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:31:10


We are just about to make a big move from East Dulwich to Winchester; we're moving to the Fulflood area. I am a first time mum and have a 10 month old boy. Due to the move I have left work (ahhhh!!) and all of my NCT pals behind.

Our plan is to settle in and try to establish ourselves, whilst I look for work. My partner will be commuting to London.

Is anyone local who can help me?

- are there any good baby groups you would recommend for babies around his age?

- similarly, any good groups for mum's?

- are there any nurseries or childminders that you know of that might be open to taking him one day a week or two mornings a week (the plan being that he would go somewhere very part time and then up his time when I find work)

Any other tips / advice etc for our move and settling ourselves in?

Thanks everyone!

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Letthesleepingcatlie Wed 20-Sep-17 22:14:49

Hello LooLoo,

Don't worry, Winchester is incredibly child friendly and there's lots to do with little ones. There's also many ex Londoners who have moved down after having a child.

There's a really useful Facebook page called Boo & Mummy that lists what groups are happening the next day.

I've found the playgroups held in church halls to be good for meeting other parents. There's lots happening at the library, lanterns or river park leisure centre. Kind of depends on what your little one likes though. Creepy crawlies at River park is good if he's active. There's lots of baby toddler music; music with mummy and Moo music are good ones.

Afraid I haven't a clue whether nurseries have minimum number of sessions or have spaces. But if you're in Fulflood then lots of people have been positive about Rotherley nursery. Other centralish nurseries that people like are West downs/Maples, the Yellow dot or Hartley house.

Hope that's helpful. It can be hard work moving to a new place. It look me a fair while until Winchester felt like home and I still miss things about London. But, it is a great place to have a family.

Ta1kinPeece Thu 21-Sep-17 15:39:59

Winchester is a very cosy place - you'll be fine

Copper2014 Fri 03-Jan-20 23:34:56

Hi ive a chance to move to Winchester in manor road new build. Run by vivid.does anyone know much about this estate looks lovely just would like to know more before we move. Thanks

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