Moving to the Borders, advice please.

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Bibbitybobbitybollocks Mon 18-Sep-17 14:37:44

Have also posted on Scotsnet but thought I'd try local posts as well.
Will be relocating to Borders from S.E England (Eyemouth/Dunbar regions). Would like opinions on Chirnside, Dunbar and any other areas worth considering.
Kids aged 14 yrs -2. Eldest 2 currently in Yrs 10 & 7. Would they go back a year in school? Both late Aug birthdays so currently among the youngest in their year.
Any advice gratefully received.brew

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hexer Sun 15-Oct-17 20:06:50

Eyemouth is a pretty good high school, Berwickshire is okay but struggling for staff and the resources and opportunities afforded aren’t optimal.

The cut off dates for schools are around late Feb early March so I doubt they’d go back a year but I’m unsure what years they’d go into.

It depends on where you want to live but smallnpkaces like ayton are nice but very limited for other children. Larger towns like Eyemouth have better transport links.

Katyb1310 Mon 23-Oct-17 13:35:15

We live in Berwick, it's lovely. It's just into England so the schools follow the English system. There's a station and decent bus services. The Academy isn't great but a lot of the kids go to Duns or Eyemouth instead.

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