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Can you qualify for junior, secondary schools in kingston borough if you move to Long Ditton?

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dearmummy2012 Sat 16-Sep-17 19:00:00

We are looking to move to long ditton which falls within elmsbridge council. My kids are currently studying in a local school in surbiton that falls within royal borough of kingston. Would i have any issues applying for junior and secondary schools within kingston council (in surbiton or new malden) if we move to Long Ditton just because it is in another council? Also, are hospital and GP services likely to change too?


Kpo58 Thu 28-Sep-17 10:39:00

You wouldn't have issues applying for schools in the Kingston borough if you move to Thames Dutton, but you would unlikely get one as you will most likely be outside the catchment zones for them.

GPs often have catchment areas too (if you change from your current GP), which might cause problems. Hospitals depend on where the GP is located, for example on at the just in the Kingston borough would refer to Kingston Hospital, whereas one 50 meters away in just in the Sutton borough would likely refer to St. Heliers.

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