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Lonely mum

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OB201517 Thu 14-Sep-17 11:39:34

Just wondering if anyone else was shocked by how stupidly alone they felt after having baby?
I love my husband, he's amazing with me and the boys and even when he's at work he makes sure he checks in with us to see how everyone is. But some days texts or phone calls from him would be the only adult communication I'd get.
I do try and get out and about, go to baby groups etc but with a 2year old and 6month old it's hard to find groups that cater to both.
Don't get me wrong, I have a couple of mum friends that I made when my eldest was a baby but now they are back at work and second time round it seems so much harder to make friends.
I have recently started using an app called Mush, and so far it's a bit of a sanity saver. After 6 months of feeling like a bad mum because my youngest doesn't really have an interaction with children his own age, I've started to meet other mums who are happy to meet at places where my two year old can still do his own thing as well as my baby have his freedom to explore everything. (Not to mention me getting some adult conversation too!)

Appraiser Thu 14-Sep-17 16:15:45

Being a parent can be incredibly lonely

The NCT North Staffordshire group would be good to contact.

Also there is a brilliant Facebook group that is set up exactly to cater people like yourself with two children of different ages and feeling isolated. I'll find it and send the link.

Where are you in North Staffs?

Appraiser Thu 14-Sep-17 16:19:39

Facebook Group Mum's Club

NCT North Staffs parenting group

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