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IVF hardships

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melissamontgomery Tue 12-Sep-17 07:46:18

Hi all, I have been married for 3 years, together for 8, all that time we never wanted kids. I was an athlete, running 10 km a day, boxing etc and eating low fat diet, so body fat % is very low. Everyone told me to slow down but we didn’t wanted kids so was not a problem, but we do want now. We are now on 3rd IVF cycle and not responding as I should. I have put on weight and now in a healthy weight range and still nothing. We start our next cycle in few weeks and on 450 FSH. I have also spend thousands at naturpath with all types of herbs whcih has caused many fights, but I am willing to try anything. And then I found out that my sister who does not want kids is pregnant and I am struggling to keep it together. I am not able to get over it, she is pregnant without trying and I am here at acupuncturist with needles in my body.

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