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Milton Keynes Neighborhoods

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Costaa Mon 11-Sep-17 21:28:56

I'm moving to MK, and I see that a lot of people do not recommend the more central neighborhoods like Fishermead. Can anyone tell me why? I'm worried because I was looking for houses in this vicinity...


namitababe Wed 13-Sep-17 04:20:08

MK doesn't have any worse crime than any other large British TOWN (since it's never officially been given the right to call itself a city).
But Netherfield tends to have worse housing, and more louts. Most of the areas directly around the town centre are similar, like Conniburrow, Fishermead, etc.

The good areas imo are Stony Stratford, Bletchley, KIngsmead, Westcroft, Furzton, Loughton, Bradwell, Two Mile Ash, Great Holm, Shenley Church End, Kingston, Middleton, Walnut Tree, Wolverton.

RedSkyAtNight Wed 13-Sep-17 13:12:07

The areas tend to be more deprived, have poorer quality housing and higher crime rates.

That's not to say they can't be great places to live in as well! But if I had the choice, I'd live somewhere else.

chocolatespiders Wed 13-Sep-17 19:16:57

I guess Central will also include Loughton and Bradwell common.
Fishermead has a bad name because of a double shooting there a few years ago and it has lots of houses of multiple occupancy. Beanhill is meant to be one of the worst estates but I work in the community and in 16 years i have never met anyone that doesn't like living there. It has a great community within it.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 21-Sep-17 22:54:11

nameit I live in Emerson Valley, it is very nice and quiet

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