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Petersfield advice please?

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Mumdimsum Mon 11-Sep-17 20:13:31

Hi looking to relocate from Reigate. What is Petersfield like? What are the areas to avoid ? Any advice on infant and primary schools please? We have two young pre school girls and are quite settled in Reigate but feel it's getting congested and looking at possible Hampshire towns or villages with train stations as my husband needs to commute to london . Thank you

cloughie100 Wed 20-Sep-17 08:02:48

Hi we moved from London to Petersfield and both of us commute back part-time. Are children were older when we moved and we got into one of the village schools as town school had no spaces so that tells you that there must be lots of young families here! Schools primary and secondary are well thought of but no idea how they compare to Reigate. Commute is 1hour on fastest train lots are 5-10mins or so slower so look at train timetable. Petersfield is mixed (normal!) so not as smart as London and Reigate. Lovely countryside and villages and it is fab for convenience- right on A3 and on mainline Portsmouth-London. Easy drive to Winchester/ Guildford/Chichester/Witterings/Chi Harbour. I recommend visiting for a day and walking round

thereisabetterway Thu 21-Sep-17 17:32:19

We also moved here from London when DS was nearly 7 and have never regretted leaving the capital. The main primary school (Petersfield Infants) feeds to Herne Junior School and as PP mentioned, there are a number of village schools, some of which have combined year groups as they are so small. The secondary school, TPS, is now under the Bohunt (Liphook) umbrella. Bohunt itself has just opened its 6th form. We opted for private for secondary but, quite honestly, I don't know why we bothered.

There is always plenty going on in the town and there's a nice feel to the area. The Festival Hall has numerous shows on throughout the year; the heath and lake are lovely; the town has a library, post office, too many plenty of coffee shops, Waitrose, Tesco, Lidl etc There aren't any "no go" areas that I'm aware of. I don't commute so can't comment on the trains. Have a look at Rightmove and Onthemarket to get a feel for prices. There is quite a lot of development going on but there's a good selection of house age/style.

Definitely worth a visit one weekend. Good luck!

newmumwithquestions Fri 06-Oct-17 08:11:13

We like it. It's big enough that it's a place in its own right - so farmers market once a month and regular events on.
Hard to comment on areas without knowing your budget - as pp said it's mixed. But to my knowledge there's nowhere particularly bad, that said it's more mixed than the general feel of the town would suggest if that makes any sense?
My guess is if you're moving from Reigate you'll be ok with budget. You pay a bit more for being close to the station but there os quite a range of housing within walking distance.
Depending what you're like about traffic noise note whe the A3 runs - you can hear it in the roads closest to the A3.
Also there will be more building going on - check out the Petersfield plan (online) to work out where.

Petersfield is popular. Even with the recent housing slump seemed to just stagnate prices rather that cause anything to drop.

You have a good choice of schools. Most are oversubscribed so You're far from guaranteed if you want to go to one that isn't your closest but I don't know anyone that isn't happy with where they are going. The schools are both having open days at the moment.
Can't comment about reliability of trains as I don't commute by train but lots of people do.

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