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Secondary schools Norwich Aspergers

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misscuppy Mon 11-Sep-17 11:51:46

Hi all, my family is moving to Norwich and we have DS1 and DS2 both at primary but my eldest is due to go to secondary school. Ideally we are looking for a mixed state school, the rub being that my son has high functioning ASD (Aspergers) so I need a place where pastoral care is good and they potentially have a good unit he can access without an EHC plan! Can people suggest any nice areas to live near good schools?
We are not Catholic (or religious at all) and being Aspie means he struggles with concentration so although he's bright, it's unlikely he'll pass a standard test/exam to access a school.
Many thanks!

AnotherCasserole Fri 15-Sep-17 14:28:17

I don't know from personal experience (sorry) but I am told that Framingham Earl is definitely worth a look for Aspergers. Not too far outside Norwich but not in the city...

NorwichMumbler Fri 15-Sep-17 18:43:16

The Open Academy in Heartsease has a specialist resource base, some of my past pupils have attended the SRB and are doing really well. Nice areas nearby are Sprowston and Thorpe St Andrew.
Check out the Norwich Mumbler website for lots of info for families there's also a Facebook chat group that are good with recommendations for everything!

misscuppy Tue 19-Sep-17 09:46:02

Thank you both, much appreciated, I will have a look at those.

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