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Bellibelli Sun 10-Sep-17 00:39:22

Hello, I get job offer in Chatteris and have to relocate from Highlands... Can you advice nice, safe and possible not very expensive location to rent small house/flat with good but not very big school in neighborhood?

Bellibelli Sun 10-Sep-17 00:43:11

Primary school - have 5 years daughter :-)

HerbNotErb Sun 10-Sep-17 07:00:31

The Hunts Post will give you an idea of prices, Chatteris is reasonably priced for the area. Other than that I don't know the town well enough to comment on schools - there is a town Facebook page that could be worth checking out.

pullingmyhairout2 Mon 25-Sep-17 17:30:16

Both schools in chatteris are around the same size. Approx 400 children each. Like with all small towns you get a few roads which are a bit rougher than others but most is lovely. You will need a car as the public transport is rubbish.

phlebasconsidered Sat 25-Nov-17 21:07:31

It's reasonably priced with regard to buying and is set to expand rather rapidly soon, but with no investment in infrastructure. I live there but both my kids go to schools outside of the town. This is because as a teacher I've taught in one of the primaries, and know teachers in the other.

I have lived here for a decade but will shortly be moving. There are plenty of good things, but the lack of public transport, overstretched NHS and general small mindedness have encouraged me to leave. Feel free to pm me. Fenland itself is lovely, but there are nicer places to live in it.

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