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New Soft Play Centre

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LL03 Sat 09-Sep-17 16:44:20

Hi, I noticed a sign on the South Deeside Road opposite the new Blairs - Muir Homes development for a new soft play centre that's opening soon but didn't catch the name or whereabouts of it. Does anyone know? Think it began with a D.

MommyVan Sun 10-Sep-17 09:26:59

Oh I hadn't heard about that, although Den and the Glen is near there?

LL03 Sun 10-Sep-17 15:18:03

Hi MommyVan, it wasn't Den and the Glen but another one that seems to be opening. Gradually seem to be visiting most of them lately after having a baby!

Ashvis Sun 24-Sep-17 16:53:18

I am driving out that way tomorrow - will try to scope it out!

Themoonhatesthestars Mon 25-Sep-17 14:59:05

It's probably the one at the Devenick Dairy. There's a sign but I think it's for their cafe, The Tin Coo. It's just a little soft play but I like it as I can keep an eye on both kids when on my own unlike the bigger ones.

Ashvis Mon 25-Sep-17 17:32:45

It was a sign for the tin coo at devenick dairy I saw when I drove past the housing development today. Apparently they have the equipment from Cammies which is lovely. My wee one is getting a bit tall and old for that now so may give it a skip myself. If he was only 3 however...

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