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Wellsway or Oldfield school help needed please

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Horsemad29 Thu 07-Sep-17 22:08:54

Hi, I live in keynsham, I have 2 children.1 child allready at Oldfield Secondary school and I'm very pleased with the school (although child has very different needs to the one in question). My second child has dyslexia (undiagnosed) and I'm wondering which school would best suit? I've had a look at the Dept of Education Website and looked into all the stats. Wellsway results are fantastic but with one child allready at Oldfield I feel torn. Both my children have very different needs therefore I feel u need to give them both different consideration. I will attend the open evenings as I did last year also but am stuck... any tips on what questions I need to ask? Do you have experience in the last couple of years at these schools/with a dyslexic child? Thankyou in advance it's really appreciated smile

jo164 Thu 07-Sep-17 23:47:51

When you go to the open evenings ask to speak with the SENCo, or arrange meetings with them another time. They should be able to answer all your questions regarding support for dyslexic children at their school. If you can get a diagnosis, it should be a more simple process to obtain support.

Horsemad29 Fri 08-Sep-17 07:39:24

Unfortunately I cannot afford £500 for an assement to diagnose dyslexia (although school have put my child on the SEN register based on dyslexia). I approached SENDCO's last year at open eve and all they said was if my child needs it they do small group intevention work once a week. I'm finding what other questions to ask difficult? unfortunately dyslexia isn't a SEN that attracts a lot of support. The school Stats only show how low attainers did in exams not specifically dyslexic children. So it's difficult to judge how they actually get on. From previous experience chatting with other parents SEN support has always been poor at Wellsway but I believe the SEN Dept is having a bit of a shake up- I'm not sure in what way yet though! The SEN support at Oldfield as been fantastic for my oldest child but it's a completely different SEN.

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