All Hallows, Hazlegrove or Bruton School for Girls

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Returnfromoz Thu 07-Sep-17 06:54:28

Hi there
I'm returning from Oz to Somerset in just under a year. I have chosen BSG for my eldest daughter who will enter at year 8 - I had a look and it suits her perfectly. I had just presumed I'd send her younger sisters who are 4 and 8 but I'm now starting to wonder whether it would be better if they went to a larger co-ed prep (BSG is very small). The younger two are all rounders - good academically and sporty and love arts and drama. Does anyone have any experience of All Hallows or Hazlegrove or even the local state primaries in Bruton and surrounds. I won't be coming back until May so it's not easy to decide. Any opinions gratefully received. Oh the girls are at an all girls school here in Oz, much more common over here, in fact hard to find a private co-ed! Thanks in advance

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