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Battersea Women's Institute (proposed branch)

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user1499422380 Wed 06-Sep-17 18:19:05

Battersea Women's Institute (proposed branch) are meeting at 7.30 on Tuesday September 12th at Westbridge Draft House pub, SW11. All interested women welcome! Email if you're interested in joining (even if you can't come to this meet-up).

NatParis Wed 13-Sep-17 13:09:09

Good afternoon,
I'm a qualified Transformative Life Coach living in Clapham and would like to to see if there's opportunities to talk about what is life coaching, how this can help women to improve their life, change the way they see things, identify key drivers and lift the blocks around limiting beliefs. Would be happy to start discussion with women interested by this topic.
At the moment I am concentrating on helping women to get back to work or make a career change.
Best wishes,

user1499422380 Wed 13-Sep-17 13:36:55

Hi and thanks for your interest in this proposed branch. Pls inform what a typical WI session with you might look like; also the cost. Many thanks!

NatParis Wed 13-Sep-17 14:30:54

Before starting the coaching program, I do offer an initial consultation to discuss the key challenge and explain how coaching works and how the challenge could be addressed.
The typical session is approximatively 1 to 1.15 hour and is based on a collaborative conversation to discuss the challenge in details, reflect back on thoughts and explore what is possible to tackle the challenge. Work can include addressing negative thoughts or lifting the blocks (limiting belief) so the person can move forwards. The session ends with setting up a plan of actions. One session is 70 GBP and I usually recommend 3 sessions to see good results and a change of paradigm.
Best wishes,

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