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also thinking of re locating to cumbria pref Newby bridge

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emmi30 Wed 06-Sep-17 08:33:36

ive found this forum and it seems theres a few looking to move, I have 2 children 2 and 4 and another due in January. can anyone tell me what newby bridge is like to live in? also ulverston, that's another fond favourite for me so far. I plan to make a trip up too take a look round. We will hopefully be putting our house on the market as soon as baby is born so would be a while off before we move, depending on how long it takes to sell the house.
Id love to hear from others who live in the area, what its like to live there, are there any nice little shops and pubs etc whats the schools like?
I'm new to mumsnet so I hope ive put this is the right place!

TheCumbrian Wed 06-Sep-17 09:42:37

I always think of Newby Bridge as a road rather than a place to actually live I'm afraid (especially with children!) Most of the houses there will be pretty costly.

Ulverston as a town is a different kettle of fish altogether, it's a funny area round there as you are right on the door step of the Lake District where there is a lot of wealth from second home owners etc but just down the road is Barrow which is extremely deprived.

What has made you choose those two places in particular?

emmi30 Wed 06-Sep-17 10:02:37

Thank you for this. I thought of these places just purely because they are beautiful places. Where would you recommend we look? We want somewhere that is quiet but has a little town feel like some nice little shops and pubs etc and somewhere with some good schools. Someone on another forum recomended silverdale? It isn't somewhere I've ever been before though.

AugustRose Wed 06-Sep-17 10:23:03

Do you need to be close to Ulverston for work? Cumbria is a big county with lots of lovely places but also a fair few deprived areas as TheCumbrian mentioned.

Kendal and it's surrounding areas are nice but many of the nicer areas can be expensive to buy in.

Namethecat Wed 06-Sep-17 10:32:30

We moved to Cumbria several years ago. Ulverston was an area that we had considered but in the end we moved much further in to Cumbria to a CA postcode rather than LA. I liked Ulverston but found it a bit out on a limb. You only really have Barrow or Kendal as near (ish ) towns , whereas we moved more centrally so have a choice. I suggest you spend a week or two renting a place there and try not to see it as a holiday but from a more practical viewpoint.

emmi30 Wed 06-Sep-17 10:35:11

Not for work reasons, I work from home and other half is self employed and works all over the country so where we live would make little difference to our working life. I just wouldn't want to be more than an hour an a half away from my parents, they live just off the m6 near Warrington so I wouldn't fancy going too far up. I've read a lot of nice reviews of grange over sands too however I always thought of it as a place for the older retired generation?

emmi30 Wed 06-Sep-17 10:38:21

Thank you for this. We intend to spend some time up there exploring some areas. I'm so worried that we make the wrong choice but I cannot stand living where I live anymore. I want to bring my children up somewhere with more of a community feel with better schools. Where I am the crime rate is so high and sadly when they get to an age that they want to play out they wouldn't be able to here as it's just too dangerous

Wetoopere Wed 06-Sep-17 10:54:58

I'm in Ulverston. Very good community, lots going on. schools all good, lots of toddler groups.
Majority of shopping can be done in town, or there's Booths and we are getting an Aldi. Otherwise it's supermarket delivery from ASDA, Tesco or Sainsbury's.

Might be pushing it for the 1.5 to Warrington, usually allow 40 mins to m6 as the A590 isn't great , M6 is usually ok until Preston.

emmi30 Wed 06-Sep-17 11:48:46

Thank you for this.... I honestly didn't think ulverston was that far. It's one of the few areas that has the approval of my other half haha. He loves the lakes. He's a very keen pike fisherman. I have horses and we have 2 border collies which we love going on long walks with. One of the reasons for choosing the lakes, it Seems perfect for our outdoor lifestyle. Have you always lived in ulverston?

TheCumbrian Wed 06-Sep-17 12:26:12

If access to the m6 is important then having to use the A590 can be a nightmare. There are regularly accidents on it (slightly better now with the new Greenodd Roundabout) and in summer it can often be queued almost back to the M6 with tourist traffic trying to get into the Lakes via Newby Bridge. It also floods all the time on certain places.

I would look more along the Milnthorpe/ Kendal/ Penrith/ areas which are small towns, with good schools and good access to the M6. Crime rates are low in most areas of Cumbria. Even Barrow isn't actually that bad in comparison to other urban areas of the UK, it's just bad in comparison to the rest of Cumbria.

TheCumbrian Wed 06-Sep-17 13:04:23

What's your budget likely to be Emmi?

Eolian Wed 06-Sep-17 14:10:43

I'm near Kendal (in the Milnthorpe/Arnside kind of area) and can totally recommend it. Lovely villages, Kendal is a good local town for shopping etc, near the lakes but not quite near enough to be busy. Good schools. We moved here 3 years ago from down south and are loving the area.

emmi30 Wed 06-Sep-17 14:12:35

It really depends on what we get for ours, I'm thinking around 250k we need a 3 bed. We will be renting for 12 months first. Mainly just incase it was a bad decision and we want to come back (I very much doubt that will happen though) it's oh he's much more sensible than me haha.

TheCumbrian Wed 06-Sep-17 16:03:51

That budget will easily get you a 3 bed in Kendal and probably a 4 bed in Ulverston.

I suspect it won't get you much at all in Newby Bridge grin

I think you won't have a huge amount of choice trying to rent a 3 bed, people are forever asking on local selling sites and there does seem to be a shortage. Possibly because of the universities/ sellafield etc there are lot of people on shortish term contracts. I think the going rate is about £750pcm though.

Silverdale is in Lancashire so if you are willing to look outside of Cumbria then Lancaster is lovely and very mumsnetty and another 30 mins closer to Warrington than South Cumbria.

AugustRose Wed 06-Sep-17 19:41:18

I would second Lancaster, we are close to Penrith now but if we were to move we would consider Lancaster first, there is more to do there.

I know your children are only small but I would stay closer to the towns too, 2 of mine are teens now and there is no public transport (since December) which means they have to be driven everywhere for clubs, etc.

Wetoopere Fri 08-Sep-17 06:10:49

I love Ulverston.
what's on
I moved here but not that far. I like the community atmosphere.

If you want the M6 though I'll have to concede Lancaster is lovely.

Helloall1 Fri 08-Sep-17 18:09:30


I only know Newby Bridge as a drive through, couple of pubs. Sorry.

Ulverston is lovely, lots of little independent shops, cafes. Leisure Centre, cinema/theatre, various services. Nice walks. Close to the coastal/beach areas. Various events throughout the year. It's near the zoo, and all larger amenities at Barrow. I would have happily moved to Ulverston, but my husband initially needed quick access to the motorway for his commute.

However, I would second that the A590 in and out can be awful. As someone that used to work in Ulverston, I spent many an hour stuck in traffic, engine movement. This happened mainly due to the many accidents and during heavy rainfall; causing floods etc.

That said, if you don't need to travel anywhere specific too often, I can't see it being a major issue.

Property is cheaper in Ulverston and Lancaster area, compared to Kendal.

Enjoy researching, and I'd definitely recommend booking a holiday home to get out and about exploring.


lovelyupnorth Fri 15-Sep-17 14:50:29

I'd be looking round Ulverston or Grange/Cartmel alot would depend on budget - grange area is great lots of families, several good small schools, lots of clubs etc..

LegoShmego Wed 27-Sep-17 19:32:47

The nearest village to newby bridge is backbarrow, which has a fab primary school. The closest secondary would be Ulverston. There's a village shop and a hotel with swimming pool in backbarrow. Great walks up the back towards finsthwaite and high dam too.
Haverthwaite is on other sode of A590. It has no amenities, but does have an underpass to get to backbarrow safely.

Grange is nice. It had a good school, as does Allithwaite & Lindale, which are either side of grange. They're building lots of new houses in grange atm.
Lindale is closer to the A590, in the right direction for M6. But not too close that you hear it. Generally it's cheaper on the peninsula than other areas.
If I had lots of money I'd move to witherslack. It has a fab primary school there too.

Ulverston's not too far out on a limb. You can get to the duddon valley, eskdale and coniston pretty easily and Barrow's not too bad! It has a good swimming pool and a big tesco/aldi/asda.

There's a good trainline on the peninsula. You can be in Lancaster in half an hour from Ulverston.

Kendal's a good town, has everything you need and has a real mix of people. Although I hate the one way system! It's also generally more expensive housing than Ulverston, bit more accessible to west coast mainline, m6 and central/northern lakes (ambleside, keswick, penrith)

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