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Truro relocation and help with schools

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Robomom Wed 06-Sep-17 01:37:15

I'm a newbie and looking for tips and personal experiences of the Truro area schools.
I am a mum of one daughter and will be returning to the UK from overseas next year for my daughter to start Secondary school. We have friends in North Cornwall and have always dreamed of settling there.
My daughter is shy and reserved and will be coming from a small private primary school in Australia. For this reason I am considering either Truro High School or Truro School. It would be really helpful if you can offer advise on these schools from recent experiences. They both seem to perform well but also wondering about the buildings, facilities and variety of subjects offered. I am also curious about the religious aspects of both schools. Also any thoughts on mixed or single sex aspect of the schools. It's hard to get proper feeling from the website and emails without being able to visit them.
I am not ruling out the state schools and I am also considering Richard Lander but I worry given the size of the state schools that it might not work well for her personality. Does anyone know how big the class sizes are like at RL? My daughter is also mixed race and in her current school that is the norm but I know from experience that Cornwall is not so multicultural so I am concerned she might face some issues.
Also any thoughts on areas to live? We would rent initially and would be happy rural but if I have to drive her to school then would like to keep that to a max 20 minute drive.
It's a big move for us and I appreciate your helpful comments in advance!

Annie1290 Sun 17-Sep-17 14:12:49

From how you have described your daughter, I would think Truro High would be a good fit for her. It's a great school with lots of opportunities and diversity, the only thing I'd bear in mind is the single sex aspect. When I was her age, the girls from there found it hard to mix well with boys until they reached college age, where a lot of the, transferred to Truro College for this mix and a wider range of A Level options.
If you have the chance to send her to Truro School or Truro High over Richard Lander, then I would. Can't really comment on the religious aspects.

In terms of location, if you are considering driving you will not want to be on the Threemilestone side of Truro, it's chaos around rush hour and only due to get worse due to developments. I would second Kea, Devoran, Perranwell as nice villages close by. I actually have lived in Ponsanooth but that may be a little far from Truro for 20 mins, but is lovely, and St Erme, which is lovely but I'd be surprised if you could find a rental property suitable there.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Cathpot Mon 18-Sep-17 19:49:00

I've taught in both sectors in Cornwall- and in one of the schools mentioned - you are welcome to pm me for more detail if it would help. Broadly I would say we are very lucky in that there are several excellent state schools here and my own daughter is very happy at one at the moment. I wouldn't move her even if I could afford it- but then she is outgoing and has a good circle of friends so that's easy for me to say at the moment. If money is no object then things to think about include areas your daughter has interest in sports/ academics/ music etc . Different places have different strengths. The social mix in private school is going to be less colourful if I can put it that way- but that doesn't mean it's all roses in the private schools. Teenagers can make bad choices regardless!

Chickoletta Fri 22-Sep-17 18:40:40

Read this today - thought it might be of interest to you...

Cornygirl Mon 20-Nov-17 12:53:54

I live in North Cornwall and my daughter went to Truro High after not fitting in at her state school (my other children carried on at the local school which is great). We love it and she is getting so much out of it. I never planned on sending her to an all girls school at this age, but the smaller cosier atmosphere, the opportunities there for girls and the way the girls all really look after each other just shone out at her two taster days (she did taster days at three independent local schools). Happy to talk schools forever if you want to pm me, we spent so long thinking about it! All the other schools were brilliant in their own way too, but reading your post, I would say THS would be a great fit.

madeleineinlondon Tue 21-Nov-17 10:26:19

Like Cornygirl, I have a daughter at Truro High and other children at a lovely local state school. After a lot of deliberation, I sent dd to Truro High because she's dyslexic and they are brilliant with it, and also because she loved it so much on her taster days.
She is so happy there - she struggled with dyslexia and being bullied a bit in primary and is like a different child now. She wants to be an engineer and does a school engineering club twice a week and always comes out glowing and inspired. The opportunities they have are amazing and so far it seems the pastoral care is wonderful.
Do feel free to pm me too if you want to talk any more (I don't want to say which state school my boys are at as am pretty sure I am the only parent with dc at those particular schools, but I do recommend it too).

HeyDelRey Fri 24-Nov-17 18:43:58

I'd say, come on over, and have a good look around them to see what fits! I have dc at Truro School - they love it, though the girls are NOT quiet grin. I do have friends who moved their children from the High to Truro School and vice versa because they wanted a livelier/ quieter peer group respectively, so I think that's true.

If you can afford it, I'd say go private - only because I worked for ages with a local primary school & saw it increasingly become a massive exam factory. Going private, you have the opportunity of specialist subject teachers from a young age, plus lots of outdoor activity and sport / bushcraft etc that you don't get in the state sector. Depends what your daughter likes, however. Have a look & see...

Robomom Mon 12-Feb-18 02:27:49

Hi all,

Sorry for delay in responding and thank you all for your messages! Given everyone’s comments and my own feeling we are going to try for a place at Truro school. I think it might suit her and build her confidence with both boys and girls! She is also keen to go to a mixed school as the girls in her school now are already starting to get hormonal! Any tips for the entrance exam would be appreciated!

Thanks again!

Robomom Mon 12-Feb-18 02:28:31

Also thanks you for your offers to PM. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to do that on my phone!

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