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Party ideas for 12 year old DD

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feemcgee Tue 05-Sep-17 13:03:34

DD turns 12 in November, I'm looking for a party idea which is a bit different. I was looking down the spa/beauty route, and would like to go to a venue rather than host it. Any ideas out there please?

TheDuckSaysMoo Wed 06-Sep-17 08:50:58

That sounds lovely. Another idea - have you thought about an escape room - where the kids solbe puzzles to get out?

aaahhhBump Wed 06-Sep-17 12:21:34

A friend attended a children's party that was a ride on a speed boat down the Clyde.grin

feemcgee Wed 06-Sep-17 13:07:46

Thanks, both of these ideas are great! Much appreciated.

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