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Moving to Bideford area

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sunshining2005 Mon 04-Sep-17 21:12:38

Hello Devon Mums !
Moving to the Bideford area in Feb 2018.My son is 12 so just entering year 8. Does anyone have kids at Bideford college ? What's it like ?
I know it was in special measures in 2015 but apparently its got better. Or is it really not good....
Or any other nearby secondary recommendations ?
Any general advice about the area if you live there or know it would be much appreciated.

Brixhambelle Tue 07-Nov-17 17:12:03

It doesn’t have a great reputation to be honest I grew up in the area and still have family there. There is very high unemployment with a big drug problem in the male population. Fri/sat night on bideford quay are to be avoided.
Not sure where you are going to be or where you are coming from as to where to recommend. Are you going to be close to bideford/ Torrington/Barnstaple ?

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