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can anyone recommend some friendly mother and baby groups in Dulwich

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Southlondonmum76 Mon 04-Sep-17 17:12:28

I've been to a few and have found them quite cliquey. I'm looking for fun, friendly baby groups.
I've looked on the ED forum and seen what's advertised but really looking for some recommendations.


NewDaddie Mon 09-Oct-17 23:53:47

How old is your dc? puts on
LOADS of activities, and theyre free. The mum's and dads there seem friendly and not clique at all. Baby sensory is really good.

Baby rhyme time/toddler sessions at Dulwich library is quite cliquey sometimes but it's so busy/crowded so it's hard to stop
& chat. I find the Grove Vale one smaller and friendlier.

Baby ballet have sessions for 18m+ in Dulwich. They do younger classes in greenwich/blackheath but they didnt have the enough sign up in Dulwich this term

Sashkin Tue 10-Oct-17 22:15:58

I did postnatal Pilates at the Florence in Herne Hill (run by Reframe Pilates). It was really friendly and we all went for coffee after class most weeks (with the instructor, so no cliques). I don't go any more because DS is too old (they need to be non-mobile so they don't get under people's feet) but it was really nice and I've made a couple of mum friends out of it.

I do Waterbabies at Forest Hill pools - it's expensive but they are really well-structured and you do feel like they are actually learning something (most mum and baby swimming lessons are just supervised splashing about). Everyone's friendly but we haven't met up outside of class.

I also went to Baby Bells in Herne Hill (they do sessions in Forest Hill too). They are really lovely classes. I know what you mean about cliqueyness - there were definitely some mums there who were all old friends (maybe an NCT class) - but it didn't detract from the enjoyment.

I've heard good things about Rhyme Time in Grove Vale library but I haven't been myself (clashes with nap time).

My health visitor also referred me to a baby massage class, and gave me printed list of stay and plays and other things at children's centres in the borough.

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