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Trustworthy builders in Bristol?

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pyelofrenetic Mon 04-Sep-17 15:37:07

We have never had any problems with our flat before so struggling to know where to start with finding a reliable builder - can anyone recommend a good firm? We are looking for someone who can do an emergency job in our bathroom (leak has caused a load of rot and damp), most of the builders with good reviews on Checkatrade etc seem to be all booked out but there must be someone good who can do a fast response....?

hettie Sat 09-Sep-17 08:33:51

Mme, I can't recommend someone great AND fast. Have just finished a major build and our builders were excellent, but they are booked up until at least Easter next year...

stwerbsgeekymama Sat 09-Sep-17 10:12:29

@hettie Would be great to hear their name even if they are booked up.

DirtyThirties Wed 04-Oct-17 07:47:37

I would also be keen to know any recommendations, starting an extension build in the spring and need a reliable, but reasonably priced builder (if such a thing exists!)

2014newme Wed 04-Oct-17 10:03:44

It's really hard get builders in Bristol. We just waited 10 months for our builder to be free to do a project for us

holland1 Mon 20-Nov-17 17:04:59

Hi everyone, I'd love it if someone could provide the details of a tried and tested, reliable builder. I'd like to have some renovation work carried out on our flat next October but I know how quickly they get booked up so I'm trying to plan ahead.

WetDogLovesHubert Tue 21-Nov-17 16:37:16

Feel free to pm me for details of a very good builder I have used.

Abbie89 Fri 05-Jan-18 15:40:57

I’d also love any recommendations for the Bristol area. Looking for a new bathroom and kitchen to be fitted as well as knocking through to create a kitchen/diner.
Thanks smile

jennymac31 Fri 05-Jan-18 16:10:22

Am happy to provide a recommendation if you send me a pm but it's likely that they won't be available for the next 6 months possibly longer.

Kidsrcool Thu 08-Feb-18 13:05:30

Hi all.
I am a parent and handy person and work in the Bristol area. I only work for people in their private homes and do smallish jobs. Many of my clients are young families. Please PM me for more info or take a look at my website
Good luck with your projects.

faequeen Thu 15-Feb-18 20:09:00

Hi we are doing up our house in Bristol and have found a life saver! You just post on your job and you can see photos and work previously done and reviews from potential tradesmen! Everyone we have picked and used have been ace!

Batteriesallgone Thu 15-Feb-18 20:11:37

They only do big jobs, but we used C&A Johnson and they were excellent. Really superb

Cat882 Sun 18-Feb-18 09:43:36

Hi - we're looking for a builder/loft conversion specialist too for major works. Raising the roof on our bunglow to add a 2nd floor and reconfiguring the downstairs. Happy to wait for a great builder as this is major we want to get it right. We maybe mad taking this on with a little one and one on the way!! 😬😳 I have just heard of C&A Johnson - would you recommend them? Can I PM you for details?
Anyone else use anyone great and reliable for major works?



GemmaGrow Mon 07-May-18 08:17:51

If you need any architectural plans drawn up or building regulation drawings. We are a small team of architects in the Bristol area who specialise in alterations, extensions and loft conversion. Run by mums so we understand the families needs!

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