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Stockport Grammar or Cheadle Hulme

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LadyLovelace Mon 04-Sep-17 12:56:41

DD will be sitting the exams for both. She's extremely bright but also a little too aware of this for my liking having been told it all through primary. She's also musical and sporty. Both seem much of a muchmess to me although I preferred the setting of Cheadle. DD liked both although we'll visit both again soon and she may develop a stronger pref for one over the other. Just looking for local thoughts or points from anyone who knows either school. Thanks

CheshireEditor Mon 04-Sep-17 13:47:07

THanks for the message. I have friends with children at both/been to both and the feeling I get is that MGS is more strict than Cheadle, but all the children I know who have been to both have enjoyed the school. So with most things it is which you and your daughter feel is the best fit all round.

LadyLovelace Mon 04-Sep-17 14:48:21

Thanks. Stockport (I assume you meant SGS rather than MGS smile) did seem more formal but I wasn't sure if that was just my initial impression. It's seems difficult to get any sort of real information. This year, Cheadle's results seem better by Stockport seems to just edge it most other years. I have heard that Cheadle has a more 'Cheshire' vibe than Stockport which would worry me as I don't want her growing up thinking everyone is as fortunate as she is or indeed that she is poor compared to her classmates. But in the same breath I want her to have an amazing time at school.

ScatterChasse Mon 04-Sep-17 22:23:27

I think they're quite similar. When I was that age (so going back a bit!) seven from my class went to Cheadle and one to Stockport. My sister was a year younger, eight to Stockport, only two to Cheadle.

I think Stockport was said to be slightly more sporty, and Cheadle slightly more musical then, but that could have changed. I went to Withington, so am better on the Manchester schools I'm afraid!

LadyLovelace Mon 04-Sep-17 23:30:53

Thank you, ScatterChasse. It does seem difficult to tell them apart. Hmm...Withington... She sat the test for Y5 entry and was offered a place. We turned it down as I felt she was better staying where she was at that point. Since then, I've convinced myself that a co-educational school would probably suit her best.

Kimlek Mon 04-Sep-17 23:57:49

My DDs sat both Cheadle & SGS amongst others. They are very similar in a lot of ways. Between the 2 schools both my DDs preferred SGS to CHS. Middle DD thought Cheadle was too lax on the taster day, which blew me away as she is such a boundary pusher! Can't remember why DD1 preferred SGS to CHS. Interestingly CHS had a very fun taster day with an ice cream van and picnic etc. Given the similarity I'd let your DD chose. Go to lots of open days, the taster days in June of Yr5. Let her sit the exams & interviews etc. All these will help gain insight. Given she passed WIthy both schools will want her so you should definitely be able to choose!

Kimlek Tue 05-Sep-17 00:10:32

Just to add, both schools are equally sporty and musical with great extra curricular activities so she should be ok on that account. WIthy only takes very bright girls. If she's been accepted there, told she's bright all through primary & knows it, will these 2 schools challenge her enough? Not become bored etc? I'm not saying they won't but it's Worth asking the question at both schools. Also look at logistics if she's staying behind for clubs etc. as getting to & from school independently can become an issue.

LadyLovelace Tue 05-Sep-17 00:28:44

Thank you, Kimlek, that's very helpful. Are you happy with Stockport as a parent? Do you think most SGS parents are happy with the school? Do you know any CHS parents that are happy/unhappy?
She is very bright but I am looking to take her out her comfort zone in other ways rather than her just do well academically. But obviously I'm hoping that a bright girl can do just as well at either SG or CH. Maybe I'm being naive though. I will need to have a think. Also, we are Woodford way so the journey is a consideration. Thank you

ScatterChasse Tue 05-Sep-17 13:34:21

I think you're much better moving at eleven to be honest.

It's nearly open day time I suppose. So things like are they taught separate sciences from the beginning, what languages they can do, when do they pick those up etc. might be useful to find out. Are they set for any subjects, from when, if so what does that mean. (We were only set for maths, and in the top set we did a further maths exam as well as the GCSE).

Is there a coach from near you - McCarthy's have the contract for the Manchester schools, but there will be a coach for Stockport from Wilmslow I'm sure (I've seen them drop off near the Blue Bell I think).

Kimlek Wed 06-Sep-17 10:02:22

Although mine preferred SGS over CHS they preferred MHSG more so & that is a fabulous school and a great fit for them albeit we've since relocated but worked hard to find another school similar to MHSG ladylovelace

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